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Dr. Clover A. Perez


Dr. Clover A. Perez embodies the essence of resillence, transformation, and hope. Her journey from the confines of federal prison to becoming a formidable force for systemic change is nothing short of inspiring. Since her release in 2019, Clover has wholeheartedly committed herself  to championing the rights and rehabilitation of formerly incarcerated women and girls. Through her roles as a motivational speaker, activist, entreprenuer, and more, she is not only reshaping the narrative around incarceration and reintergration but she is also providing tangible support and resources through her nonprofit, A Beautiful HEART Ministries. Her entreprenurial ventures, including  Clover Me'She Designs and Seven65 Ventures, further her mission by promoting self-love and supporting her advocacy work. Clover's influence extends beyond her organizations. As an Ambassador for The Susan G. Komen Foundation and a Justice-In-Education Scholor at Columbia University she leverages her platform and education to push for meaningful changes in the criminal justice system. Her weekly podcast, "Converse With Clover," serves as a vehicle for highlighting the stories of those effected by mass incarceration and advocating for reform. Her recognition as a speaker on CBS, NBC, and her testimonies before Congress, and the accolades she has received underscore her impact and dedication to this cause. In essence, Dr. Clover A. Perez is not just a survivor of the system but a beacon of hope and change for those entangled withinn it. Her life's work is a testament to the power of storytelling, advocacy, and relentless pursuit of justice in transforming lives and systems alike.


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